My name’s Chris. I’m a low-stakes player who got into poker in early March of 2003 (oddly enough, just moments before the World Poker Tour premiered, Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP main event, and the poker boom hit). I can say that I was in on the trend before it was a trend, but only by the skin of my teeth.

Between the years of 2004 and 2006 I played online poker and casino games semi-professionally, deriving most of my income from the extremely lucrative bonus offers of that period. The relatively primitive state of poker strategy at the time, coupled with the abundance of deep-pocketed fish, helped make a poker table the place to be.

Things evolved quickly. Around the time that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act took effect near the end of 2006, the bonuses and the games were already beginning to dry up, and the legislation made it worse. The writing was on the wall that the gravy train had come to an end. So I retreated into casual play, opting to give myself the luxury of only playing when soft seats and good situations arose… and leaving to the pros the struggle of having to win from day to day in the post-bubble poker world, among fewer choices, lesser opportunities, and a much tougher playing field.

I specialize in fixed-limit Omaha 8-or-better and play it almost exclusively. It may not be the game of the future, but Texas holdem sure as hell isn’t (its not even the game of the present anymore; the intelligentsia are beginning to declare holdem more or less “solved”). Online I play between the limits of .50/1 and 2/4. I am lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I regularly play in many of the area cardrooms (the standard Omaha 8 game is 4/8 with a half-kill to 6/12, which kinda makes it my standard game).

I have no aspirations in the poker world, though I suppose I did when I was younger and more naive. Nowadays I simply enjoy playing and thinking about the game in my spare time.

This is a blog in name only. It’s neither a journal as such, nor is it about me. It is, rather, a place for commentary on the state of poker games, the industry, and broad theory. If all goes as planned it should remain “strategy free.” I’m not here to discuss hands or tactics, at least not for the foreseeable future.

And for the record: I am fully aware that virtually nobody reads, or likely ever will read, this blog. I’d be stunned if anyone did. My objective is to do this for its own sake as an exercise in writing and thought organization.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Wow I am impressed with your articles here! Like you, I have thought of how poker has evolved and how diffiicult it is to really determine your edge in the game, considering that there are so many factors involved, and each situation is so contextual that it is impossible to have a definite conclusion. i.e. skill ratio to luck ratio, winrate, etc. Your analysis flows nicely and logically.

    Anyway I bumped into your blog because I wanted to find out how many players are actually winning players, after losing money to the rake. Do you think it is possible to estimate the percentage? I am thinking the range of 15 to 20%, with maybe only the top 1 to 5% winning enough to make a living out of it. That being said, perhaps only 0.01 to 0.1% of them being able to live a luxurious life. What are your views on this?

    • chrisinsc Says:

      Hi Daniel, a belated “thanks” for the comment. (I’m not active with this blog right now so it can take me time to check in on it).

      The number of winning players is a very interesting question. I would think that the percentage is impossible to gauge meaningfully, but I would be confident in saying that whatever number it was 10-15 years ago, it’s significantly less than that now! Making money in poker is now much, much harder than it’s ever been… and it was never easy.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Hi Chris. Thanks for replying! I haven’t check in a long time too. I have to agree with you. With better players and software nowadays whatever edge a player has, is reduced drastically. And with that luck plays a bigger role as well. So in my opinion, the varience and the rake just about destroy everyone… Looks like it will just get worse. My only hope is for zygna to offer real money poker soon. Haha!

    All the best in whatever you do Chris! And to all those who are reading the articles here, my advise is to not play poker professionally, unless you are extremely talented. But then again we always think highly of ourselves than we actually are. So ya, just treat it as a hobby. It’s less miserable that way =)

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